We design clean and clear user experiences

Our team designs and engineers user experiences for forward looking companies.

We amplify startups with world class User Experience Resources

We work with startups across the world to design products that transform the world.

We bring consumer level user experience to enterprise.

We help enterprises redefine user experience.

Sparity’s User Experience Team works closely with product teams of next generation startups and forward looking enterprises to create delightful experiences across the web, mobile and other delivery channels. Our user-centric design approach helps design Jaw Dropping interfaces by taking continuous user feedback. Our 3 main principles are:


Building an extremely user friendly and self explaining user .interface is essential for the success of any product.


A successful product must solve user problem efficiently. Through deep understanding of user behavior and creating a performance driven experience, we help products succeed


Our goal is to help customers build a functional, reliable, usable, pleasurable and delightful experience. This is the mantra for product success.


We carefully study target users based on geography, culture, age, gender and factor in several aspects before narrowing down on a color scheme and flow to make it not just visually appealing but really clean and clear.


A Good User Experience is
The Difference Between a Product you Love and the
Product you Tolerate.

Explore the journey of how we designed and engineered the first ever
wagering application on Mobile

World’s leading pari-mutual technology provider want to go mobile

The clock is always ticking 99% of users place their bets in the last minute.

20 apps in app store serving 1000’s of users across the globe

World’s leading pari-mutual technology provider want to go mobile

A lot of money is at stake! Users play for money

Users are used to trasacting on large screen terminals and web browsers

We were agile! Continuously evaluated user feedback and Data

Was a great success!!

Choose Your Engagement Model

Turn Key

We are your UX team. We will design and engineer your product from scratch till it goes live by adopting a user-centric approach.
One Price till you go live.


Pay As You Go

We will provide you the UX/UI resources needed by you. They will work closely with your product management and delivery teams to craft engaging user experiences.

You pay hourly rates. We invoice monthly.


UX Partner

Our team is co-located to your office for the duration of the project. Right from drawing the first lines on the whiteboard till the product is launched and is live, we work at your location alongside your team.

You pay a fixed cost every month.

UI Development Services

It’s not just design services, we also offer exemplary user interface development services. Housed by a team of experts with experience in developing 1000’s of responsive web pages, we are proficient in all HTML5, CSS and JavaScript technologies. Here are a few technologies we are experts in

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Our Approach

Step 1

Menus, Pages, Links

Step 3

User Experience
Colors, Fonts, Graphics

Step 5

Quality, Live

Analyze & Modeling
Workflows, Users, Data

Step 2

Concept & Storyboard
Functionality, Navigation

Step 4

Functions, Reality

Step 6

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Srujan Kanaparthy

Srujan Kanaparthy

UX/UI Guru

User Centric Design Specialist with award winning portfolios across Web & Mobile

Bharani Reddy Ravula

Bharani Reddy Ravula

Senior UI Developer

Full Stack Expert with the focus on reliability, Security & building applications that scale.

Poojitha Mitta

Poojitha Mitta

UI Developer

First Class Programmer with expertise in JS Frameworks.

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