Life was much better when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits


When it comes to Android: More than a Billion devices and still going strong. At Sparity, we recognized the power of Android and its capability to reach users across the world. We help customers reach this massive Android market through smart & engaging applications.

As an early player in Android, Sparity has the experience of developing more than 150 applications for startups & enterprises. We helped enterprises reap maximum from Android. With a variety of Android devices easily available in the market, Sparity built several custom solutions that cater to specific business use cases.

As a trusted Android Application development company, we are helping startups build disruptive and game changing applications. These range from a social application that connects alumni to an application that measures the quality of food storage through connected temperature sensors.

With every new flavor of Android, be it lollipop or kit-kat or marshmallow, our cravings just keep increasing and our Android teams built more than 140 plug-n-play modules which significantly reduce the time for development for enterprises, we help them gain a competitive edge by building solutions that improve their operational efficiency. Be it a workforce management solution for a gas pipeline company or prenatal care application for a health care provider, our expertise and deep focus on business operations significantly helped reduce TCO and re-write how business is done. And this is what we mean by ‘Delivering Value’.

Why Sparity?


Sparity Test Lab hosts more than 80 different Android devices. Our Android QA team has experience of testing different Applications just on Android.


With 150+ plug-n-play modules, we not only reduce your time to market but can reduce the effort in developing your app thereby reducing the cost of development.


We have experience in integrating several 3rd party systems and frameworks including Payment Gateways, Push notification platforms, Analytics solutions, Ad providers, Chat providers, Video and Audio streaming services, Video conferencing systems to name a few. On the enterprise side, we have experience in integrating with platforms like SAP, Navision, Salesforce and others.


We have a very strong team of Android Consultants in India, Middle East and in the US. Few of them worked with companies like Samsung, LG and OEM’s in the past. Our team boasts rich experience not just in the application development space, but even in building frameworks, integrating libraries or writing code in NDK.

Time To Market

Sparity has built a number of well-tested plug-n-play modules that can be reused (Without any IP conflict) in your Apps. The main goal is to be quick in market by leveraging our experience, expertise and our assets.

Long Term Relation

We take a comprehensive approach while developing your Applications. Deploying an app to the app store is just a milestone. We help you reach your audience, build new versions, upgrade with new features and work with you during the entire product lifecycle.


Android Studio, Eclipse IDE, Java, Layouts and UI Development, Services, interfacing with Web Services, Push Notifications, Google Wallet, Fragments, Audio and Video, Geo-fencing, Facebook & Twitter integrations and more.


Pavan Kumar Palle

Pavan Kumar Palle

Senior Android Developer

Full Stack Expert with the focus on reliability, Security & building applications that scale.

Vidyadhar Nagu

Vidyadhar Nagu

Senior Android Developer

User Centric Design Specialist with award winning portfolios across Web & Mobile

Srikanth Bandi

Srikanth Bandi

Senior Android Developer

First Class Programmer with expertise in JS Frameworks.

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